Painter and Decorator London: Best Colour Scheme for Your London Home

If you are confused about which colour scheme to choose for your living room, we have curated this blog to solve all your confusion. Read on to learn the best colour combinations!!

Painter and Decorator London: Transform Your Living Room


Blue is a very soothing colour and has a very relaxing and calming effect on the mind, which makes it just the perfect colour for living rooms. Painters and decorators Islington suggest that this colour plays a very important role in improving communication and concentration and, hence, is the perfect colour to socialise in the living room.

Another major quality of blue colour is no matter which shade of blue you use, it will make your room look spacious. If you decide to go for lighter shades of blue, then use it only when your room gets enough light.

When decorating with light blue, you could try using darker colours or elements that fit in the colour scheme or simply use darker tones of blue.

For example, you could try decorating with a dark blue or yellow sofa. Depending on the tone of blue, decorating can be quite easy compared to other colours because it can act as a beautiful colour combination with most colours. You could use colours like orange, white, green, pink, black and even yellow. The colour mix of white, blue and yellow can give a fresh look to the room.


Neutral colour may look boring to some people but believe painter and decorator London, it is a classic shade. If you want to bring sophistication to your room, you can always add grey decorations to enhance the neutral colour. However, if you want to create a more joyful atmosphere in the main room of your home, you can combine neutral shades with pops of some bright colours. You can try adding some colourful pillows, fluffy blankets and rugs to create a unified look. This will give your room a much-needed spice and will save it from a boring and monotonous look.


Grey is another colour that belongs to the family of classic colours, and it is also an extremely versatile colour. Being a timeless colour, you can try painting the walls of your living room with a dark grey colour and allow ceilings to be in a light shade. This will make your room look unique and spacious.

If you want to experiment with new techniques, you could paint only one wall grey with the help of painter and decorator London and make it a feature wall for your living room. You can put a grey sofa or a furniture item in front of the furniture wall to brak the monotony.

This will leave your guests stunned.

Additional Tip for our readers

If you don’t want to risk the living room looking too dark with grey walls, our painters and decorators Mayfair, recommend using lighter colours like creamy whites and adding some grey to it.

painters and decorators mayfair

When painting and decorating, grey acts similar to neutrals and is a great opportunity to try out any pops of colour you want to experiment with without making your room look cringe. Try lavenders and pinks for a more serene atmosphere or rusty oranges, yellows or reds for brighter colours when decorating. The greys will balance out the colours and make the room look authentic.

If you are interested in painting your living room with grey colour, reach out to Platinum Paints, the best painter and decorator London.


Green is a very flexible colour, especially when it comes to painting and decorating living rooms. In living rooms, there is a lot of socialising going on, so the green colour brings peace and harmony to the room. It is a colour that comes with a lot of shades, and bringing earthy undertones can be very great option. Our painter and decorator London, recommend using this colour for living rooms as they create a welcoming feeling of comfort, especially when you spend most of the time in your living room.

Painters and decorators at Platinum Paints know the importance of a well-furnished living room. If you are thinking of repainting and need advice for redecorating your living room, our team is always available for you. We also offer colour consultation. For any inquiries on painting and decorating, please call us at any time. We also have a team of commercial painters and decorators London, to ace all your commercial projects.

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