Painters and Decorators London: Tips to add colour to your workspace


Tips to add colour to your workspace

The Platinum Paints presents you with an expert guide on office colours and how you can bring your workspace to life by adding these colours. When it comes to painting and decorating, expert painters and decorators in London say that people tend to focus on colours first and design features second. Why is this? 

The fact is that colours play a significant role in deciding the productivity and state of mind of an individual working at the place. That is why there is so much emphasis on office colours in the interior design industry. 

While painting your workplace, you have to think of the colours that impact the well-being, energy, and inspiration of the people working there. It would help if you also thought about what your office does. Are you energetic or laid-back? Do you offer communicative services or passive products? You must think about this in line with your interior design. Here are a few suggestions from Platinum Paints on adding colour to your business and workspace.

Painters and Decorators London: Expert Guide on Office Colours

Accent colours and furniture

The furniture you choose can offer fantastic accents; the right furniture can complement the colour scheme of your office and can never be overpowering. Visualise the colours that you want to add to your office and also determine what impact the colour will have on your office team and the guests who visit your office. Painters and Decorators Fulham suggest that once you have decided on the perfect colour for your workplace, you can add a few simple touches to the furniture. For example, a beautiful chair in red is going to be a good statement piece for your office. 

Feature walls

Painters and decorators London suggest that feature walls are a fantastic way to bring bold colours and palettes to your office. For example, you can paint a single wall with a bold colour without painting other walls with the same colour. It is a great way to add productivity to your office without being very distracting. You can use your favourite paint colour to create these accent walls. It could be bold red or calm greens and blues. Think about what your business provides, and then decide how you want your feature wall to be. For example, a wall with a calm blue colour can be very soothing for the people working in your office. 

Think about patterns and shapes.

When painting and decorating your office, painters and decorators Westminster suggests thinking about the latest patterns and styles. Consider the options to make your workplace more appealing and striking. For example, fabric walls with patterns can be perfect to add style and functionality to your place.

Painters and decorators London suggest that the size of your office should dictate the patterns you use. Are you working in a small space? Look for smaller patterns. For bigger areas, you can go large, but this can all be subjective and dictated to fit the message of your company. Choosing intriguing textures is vital and can make a whole new difference to your workspace! 


We suggest that there should be no limit to experimenting when it comes to decorating your office space. Painter and decorator Mayfair suggest that you can focus on one colour and experiment with its different shades. Green hues help to keep the place more natural and fresh. You can experiment with tones and shades using perfect furniture and wall fittings. 

Finally, painters and decorators in London suggest that you can add a positive mood to your office using plants and flowers. They can bring any workplace to life. They are just fantastic mood balancers. Painting and decorating should not be limited to walls. You can add other elements too to transform your workplace. 

Painters and Decorators London: Top 3 Best Colours for your office


Red is a colour that encourages proactivity and is the perfect colour for offices that have a fast-moving environment. Red is indeed a fantastic colour to start with. 


Painters and decorators in London say that blue is a very calming colour. It promotes clear thinking. It is the perfect colour for offices where a lot of brain power is required. 


Green is a natural colour that helps to ease the mind and relieve stress. It is one of the best office paint colours that promote productivity. Thisi colour keeps you well-rested and alert for long projects. 

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