Painters And Decorators London: Interior Paint Colours, Trends (For 2024), And Top Techniques!

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With changing years come new trends. Nothing says a new year like a fresh coat of paint. Whether you fancy decorating your reading corner or bedroom, your paint colour is the foundation of creating a perfect room. 

To help you create your oasis, you must understand what mood you want to set in your room. Do you want to feel energised in the room or have a cosy and warm atmosphere? Colour can influence our moods deeply, so choosing the correct shades can help you feel harmonised at home. 

In this blog, Platinum Paints, the top painters and decorators London, are sharing the latest interior colour trends. Please like our recommendations and take our services soon. 

Painters and Decorators London: Paint Colour Trends 2024

Regal Red

Regal red is an ideal paint colour for Georgian-style homes in London. Believe us; this colour breathes life into spaces with its elegance. This deep colour is synonymous with warmth and sophistication. It creates a rich atmosphere and reminds everyone of its timeless charm. Whether you use this colour to create feature walls in your room or paint the entire walls, regal red can transform any space into heaven. If you want to make your place stand out, our painters and decorators in London quote this colour as their favourite. 

Plums and Chocolates

Plums and chocolate colours are going to take centre stage this year. Plums are like deep purple colour, which is very rich and luxurious. Chocolate colour brings warmth and cosiness to nay room. Dark chocolate colours are very deep whereas light chocolate colour is elegant. Together, they make a very classy and timeless combination. These colours can make any space look fancy and comfortable. Painters and decorators in Central London say that the elegance and richness of plums and chocolates can never go out of style. 

Urban grey

In contemporary colours, urban grey is the latest interior paint colour trend in 2024, which exudes modernity. This colour fits well in modern places. Whether you have a new abode in London or want your office space to have an ultra-modern look, try Urban Grey this year. This colour works well with all the decor styles and adds a sophisticated backdrop to your room. 

Neutral Greens

With a strong eye on the latest paint colours, you can always count on our painters and decorators London that they will recommend you the best of the best colours. Neutral green is another colour on our list that you can use in your space this year. It is a very calm and versatile colour close to nature. This colour brings a sense of tranquillity to a space and works well in modern and rustic settings. 

This colour promotes relaxation and connects with the outdoors while staying indoors. Try this colour on our recommendation this year and thank us later. 

Skyline Blue

Skyline blue is your colour if you want a calming atmosphere in your room. This soothing colour brings a sense of clear skies inside the apartments of London. Perfect for creating a serene retreat, professional painter and decorator West London says this colour works well with all modern and traditional furnishings, thus making it a versatile choice for the city. It is a great colour to be bold and can be used on walls, skirtings and ceilings to create a real impact. 

Warm neutrals

There are numerous neutral colours you can play with this year. From creamy whites to earthy beige colours, you can use these colours to bring tranquillity to any space. Painters and decorators London say it doesn’t matter if you use a light or dark shade; these colours are symbols of elegance and class. They are like calm friends that go along with any colour, making a room relaxed and balanced. So warm neutrals can be used to add a magic touch to any room and turn any place into a stylish and cosy abode. 

Painters and Decorators London: Top Painting Techniques

Colour Blocking

Colour blocking is a technique in which large sections of solid colours create bold and striking patterns. It is an extremely popular painting technique because it can add a modern and vibrant touch to any space. You can also use contrasting colours to create a dynamic effect with the help of experienced painters at Platinum Paints. 

Sponge painting

Give your creativity a boost with this classic technique known as sponge painting. In this method, painters and decorators in London use a natural sponge or sponge rollers to apply multiple layers of paint, creating a textured appearance. The result adds depth and interest to the walls. Sponge painting is a versatile technique that allows you to experiment with different colours and achieve the look you want. 

Geometric patterns

This painting technique is going to be a hit in 2024. People love geometric patterns these days. It uses shapes like triangles, squares or diamonds to create visually stunning designs. London’s Professional painters and decorators use this technique widely, as it works well in traditional and modern spaces. It brings a structured feel to a room. 

Ombre Painting

Ombre painting is a colour-blending technique in which one colour is beautifully blended with another to create a gradient effect. It adds depth and dimension to the walls and is often used when you use colours like blues and greens in your place. 

In the vibrant palette of London home design, choosing the right colours is a journey of self-expression and style. From the regal elegance of red to the urban modernity of grey, each colour tells a unique story. As we enter 2024, those abovementioned colours will be a huge hit. 

And as you do that, Platinum Paints, the premier Painters and Decorators London are here with our trusted and experienced professionals. We specialise in residential and commercial painting and decorating, including external repair or redecoration, interior painting, and more. For bespoke, specialised painting of your home, contact us today at  and set the process in motion!

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