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Commercial painting and decorating require a lot of skills, and it is very different from domestic painting. As well as additional skills, commercial painters and decorators London need a lot of knowledge when it comes to carrying out commercial projects. The health and safety requirements are much more than domestic painting. 

In this blog post, we will explore why hiring a reputable and experienced commercial painting contractor like Platinum Paints matters for your business. 

From high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail to protecting your furniture and ensuring customer satisfaction, we will look into all the essential aspects of finding the right commercial painter and decorator, 

Say goodbye to ordinary painters. Experience the transformative power of professional commercial and residential painting services- Platinum Paints.

Commercial Painters and Decorators London: Pitfalls of Hiring Amateurs

When it comes to commercial painting projects, hiring inexperienced professionals can lead to significant setbacks and frustration. 

Here are some pitfalls to avoid: 

Subpar quality

Inexperienced painters lack the necessary skills and expertise to deliver high-quality paint jobs. The result is uneven coverage, drips and imperfections that can affect the professionalism of your commercial space. 

Missed Deadlines

Time is crucial for completing any commercial project. It directly affects your business operations. Inexperienced commercial painters and decorators in London may underestimate the time required or fail to effectively manage their schedules, leading to delays and disruptions in their daily activities. 

Unreliable Services

When you hire an inexperienced contractor, there is a high risk of getting unreliable services. This could lead to sudden cancellations, inadequate communication and even abandonment of the project midway, leaving you stranded and searching for alternatives. 

Lack of knowledge of paint types

Only experienced painters and decorators Central London possess the right knowledge of paints required to decorate a commercial building. Choosing the right paint type is crucial for the longevity and durability of your commercial space. Inexperienced contractors may not possess the knowledge of the right paint type and thus result in poor choices that can lead to premature peeking, fading and other paint-related issues. 

To ensure a successful commercial painting project, it is vital to choose professionalism and expertise. At Platinum Paints, we have a proven track record of serving commercial properties in London. 

Commercial Painters and Decorators London: Seamless Collaboration with Other Trades


Hotels use commercial painting and decorating services in London. When it comes to completing hotel projects, painters and decorators Ealing need to make sure that they are clear on the brief. There are times when hotels just want a refresh and other times, they have entirely different requirements. While all the hotels want unparalleled work, the budget requirement of every hotel is different. At Platinum Paints, our commercial painters and decorators in London have vast experience. They have carried out work for all major chains and independent hotels here. Navigate our website to know the kind of commercial projects we have done. 

New Builds

Painting and decorating are in great demand when it comes to new houses. The thing that really frustrates the developers is the time that it takes to get those finishing touches that really help to sell the property. 

As Londons, commercial painters and decorators, we have used our experience in building new homes. Our quality work means that developers achieve the final look that they were hoping for and also that their projects are finished within timescales. 

Shop Fit-outs

Shop Fits is another project where we require painting and decorating contractors. Once a business secures retail premises, it needs to open up and run as soon as possible. A shop that is shut only costs owners money. Commercial painters and decorators London work alongside other trades, and this is the case with shop fit-outs. Each trade should plan with others to make sure that the project is completed on time. 

We have been involved in many shop fit-outs for retailers of luxury goods in Central London. In these projects, our commercial painters source the highest standard of materials to attain a superb and luxurious finish. 


Commercial painting and decorating tasks are time-sensitive. The same is the case with restaurant projects. Restaurants are a great investment for their owners, and this means every day they are shut, a huge amount of money is lost. Painting and decorating contractors need to understand that they need to complete the restaurant job on time without compromising on quality. 

Our experienced commercial painters and decorators in London produce the highest quality results, and we strive to minimise disruption. If you choose to keep the restaurant open to your clients during the day, then we will come to carry out your project at night; we will always be flexible and act in the best interests of your business. 

Commercial Painters and Decorators London: What to look for? 

While hiring a commercial painting company for your project, do not forget to look at their previous projects. You should feel confident after discussing your needs with them about the paint quality and materials used. They should be experts in their trade and should be able to turn your vision into reality. 

A key skill to look for is communication. In commercial projects, numerous trades are working under the same roof, and only by proper communication and planning all elements of the project can be delivered on time. 

We are your number one choice for commercial projects in London.

At Platinum Piants, we are experts when it comes to commercial painting and decorating. We have vast experience in working on a wide array of projects, and we pride ourselves on the standards we deliver. No matter how big or small your project may be, we have commercial painters and decorators in London who can deliver the best. 

We operate across the whole of London, so if you are in need of painting and decorating contractors, get in touch with us, and we will show you what we can do. 

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