​​Health and Safety Practices for Commercial Painting Contractors

Just as with any industry, there are health and safety practices that commercial painters must follow to maintain a standard of service. Understanding what commercial painters do regarding health and safety will give you better peace of mind and allow you to understand the measures they take to ensure that your project site is safe, professional, and efficient.

Here are five practices that commercial painting contractors follow to remain within industry standards and to provide your painting project with the professional atmosphere it requires.

Closely Supervised Sites and Site Progress 

The first safety measure that all commercial painting contractors take is to ensure that the managers or employees closely supervised the site throughout the duration of the project. 

This is done to ensure that safety measures are followed and to provide site progress for you at every point throughout the painting project. Your chosen commercial painters will oversee everything that happens. 

Visits from Independent Safety Consultants

Other health and safety measures that are taken include regular unannounced site visits by independent safety consultants, where they are permitted. It will only sometimes be expected for them to show up, but they can and will in certain instances.

You might find that an independent safety consultant visits your site to ensure that all regulations are followed for health and safety by the contractors. 

Company-Wide Adherence to Regulations

Additionally, your commercial painting contractors will follow the regulations the company and the industry set forth. This means they will maintain safe working conditions and healthy sites and follow all regulatory protocols to maintain safety when on the job. 

This is crucial because this ensures that your contractors are on task and safe. It will also ensure that the work that is completed remains high-quality and compliant.

Using Safe, Working Equipment

Another health and safety regulation is using only safe and working equipment. When it comes to your site, commercial painting contractors know that there should be no equipment used that is either faulty, defective, or not able to perform its usual task. 

Removing these items from the site will ultimately increase the safety measures and improve the site’s productivity and efficiency, as well as the employees’ safety.

Accident Prevention Measures

Finally, the last safety measure that should be implemented by commercial painting contractors is the institution of accident prevention measures. Every company has protocols and steps to ensure their employees are safe on the job.

You will likely see employees following many of these protocols throughout the project, ensuring that while they paint your home a beautiful new coat of colour, they will also maintain safety and health, which means no injuries on–site location, and no ill workers in your home. 

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