How to Prepare Your Commercial Building for Painting

commercial building

If you are looking to prepare your commercial building for painting, it is a big project that can get overwhelming quickly. However, commercial painting and decorating is a necessary part of keeping your business looking professional and clean. With the proper preparation, you can make your job easier, or allow the professionals to have a smooth process. 

This blog will discuss the steps you need to take to prepare your commercial building for painting. Even if you hire the help of professionals for your commercial painting and decorating project, these tips will make the job easier as well.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

The first step is to gather the right supplies or take an inventory of all that you need for the job. This includes checking your inventory for paint or ordering some, having a plan for organizing your space, and even gathering the right brushes and tools.

Step 2: Clean the Space

With any commercial project, you have to ensure that your space is entirely free and accessible to you or to your team of painters and decorators. Be sure to:

  • Remove any furniture from the space
  • Make the walls accessible for painting
  • Remove loose debris and wall décor
  • Remove items that could be damaged by paint
  • Cover immovable objects with sheets or drop cloths
  • Use painter’s putty and masking tape along edges or windows

Once you do all of this, you will have the space clean, clear, and accessible for yourself or the team conducting the project.

Step 3: Clean the Wall

Now that you have the space clear and your items all gathered to prepare for the project, clean off the wall before you paint. This will ensure that there are no oil, grease, or dirt buildups on the surface of your walls.

You can do this by using a sponge and water, followed by a dry cloth to wipe off excess water. Then, use a damp cloth to clean off any remaining dirt or dust from your walls before they’re painted. Please don’t use any chemicals or solvents, as they may cause damage to the paint job later on.

Step 4: Repair Cracks or Other Wall Damage

After cleaning the wall, you might notice cracks, damage, or other blemishes. Before you commence, you must ensure that the wall is repaired. Any commercial painting and decorating company will tell you the same thing. Walls should be completely smooth and without damage before painting begins.

To repair the wall, sand the area down and use a primer on the wall. You can apply a topcoat to the repaired areas if you want to keep the same paint. However, before the painting begins, you also have the option to sand down the rest of the colour and repair the surface with new paint later. 

After this, congratulations! You are all set to either hire the help of professionals or take on the project yourself if you want to save some money.

Hire Your Commercial Painters and Decorators Today

With all this in mind, there’s no doubt about it, hiring help for your commercial painting and decorating project is necessary and worth it. However, if you are still trying to complete your commercial painting and decorating project, we hope that you consider Platinum Paints to help you correctly get the job done the first time. 

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