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Exterior painting and decorating is a great way of renovating your home or commercial space to make it look fresh and inviting. Maybe you’ve just purchased a property and want to put your own personal stamp on it, or perhaps you’ve bought a property to renovate and resell, but you’re not really sure why the previous owner thought mustard yellow was the colour du jour.

At Platinum Paints, we like to consider ourselves expert exterior painting experts painters and decorators in London, Surrey, and beyond. Our team knows which colours will restore period properties to their former glory and which will make new builds pop like never before. We decorate residential and commercial properties for fans of traditional chic and glamour pusses, retro rascals and modern mistresses. But more importantly, we do it for people who want a superior result.

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Platinum Paints: Transforming Spaces, One Brushstroke at a Time

Established long ago, Platinum Paints is represented by a specialist workforce covering all residential and commercial Painting aspects, including expert painters in London. We also have hands-on experience in exterior Painting and Decorating. Our company is fully insured and follows all the safety rules and regulations. We cover all the major areas of Central and West London. 

The main emphasis in our work is quality. We take immense pride in our work, treating your home as ours. With Platinum Paints, you get premier painting and decorating service and be assured that our work is of the highest standard, ensuring you are delighted with the finished product and feel the same way for years. That is our guarantee-High quality, with longevity.

Residential Painting and Decorating London: Bringing Life to Your Walls

Platinum Paints has the most extensive range of house painting services in London. We have achieved the reputation of being the best painters and decorators here because we pay attention to every minute detail in every stage of the work. We only complete jobs once and if our supervisors approve it. 

Residential Painting and decorating is the core of our service, and our house painters have vast experience. No matter what colour we are dealing with or the room’s shape, our painters and decorators know how to make the most of each room we decorate. We are equipped with the best tools in the industry. We are a bit old-style; we use traditional rollers and brushes to ensure our work lasts long. We do all wallpapering with great care, and the finishing is of the highest standard in London. 

Our paints and materials are sourced from trusted brands with a reputation for durability and vibrant colours. Our meticulous surface prep techniques, including cleaning, patching, and sanding, ensure a smooth, flawless canvas. We pay attention to every detail, ensuring crisp lines, even coverage, and a professional finish on walls, ceilings, trims, and doors. If you are looking for expert interior house painters in London and surrounding areas, don’t wait; call us right now.

Why Choose Platinum Paints for your Exterior Paintwork?

Our team of exterior painters and decorators in London and Surrey are adept at dealing with conditions that may affect the exterior of a property.

While painting indoors is a simple task providing the walls are not damp, exterior paintwork painting and decorating has to withstand dampness from the elements; wind, rain and sleet and snow, as well as be flexible and colourfast so it remains unaffected by the sunshine. As such, we choose materials that will prolong the life of the exterior wall finishes, exterior fillers and wood treatments to guarantee the best finish possible. Contact us today!

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What to expect from Platinum Paints exterior services:

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Add Value to Your Property With Exterior Renovation

Nothing makes a home look quite as beautiful as a new exterior paint job. If you’re looking to add value to your property, changing it from a dull shade to a crisp white or a colour that is in keeping with surrounding properties can add thousands to your property. Speak to one of our experienced decorating team today to see how we can help.

FAQFrequently Asked Question

Depending on how severely the paint is peeling and splitting, it may be time to repaint. The majority of the damage is concealed by peeling paint and worsens the longer it stays neglected. To assess the exterior painting requirements for your property, you should contact Platinum Paints today.

When painting the exterior of a property, waiting until June, July, or August will yield the finest results. Although it may seem okay to paint a house in the spring or autumn, the quality of the paint job could be damaged by the lower nighttime temperatures. However, this won’t be an issue if you hire exterior painting and decorating professionals who know what they are doing. 

The durability of your exterior paintwork could be impacted by some factors. Depending on variables like the weather, high-quality paint applied by a reliable exterior painting contractor will normally last seven to ten years. The best approach to ensure that your paint job lasts a long time is to work with a contractor who applies all the right surface preparation methods and paint that is known for withstanding harsh weather, direct sunshine, and other environmental conditions.

You might need to use more than one layer of paint while painting your exterior space. Two coats are frequently advised to sufficiently protect the surface and cover the prior colour. One coat, however, may be adequate in circumstances where; you’re using the same or a related colour to paint, all that is required is a light touch-up, or the primer colour is similar to the colour of the paint.

The size of the project, the state of the surface, the preferred colour scheme, and the number of materials required will all affect the cost. The easiest way to determine the price is to book a consultation during which we can fully grasp your objectives and what will be needed to accomplish the job.

Brick walls can look great when painted. Using the proper paint is the best method to accomplish this. As long as the appropriate methods are followed and specialised primers are used, painting brickwork is safe. 


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