Epsom, KT19

Scope: Install Decorative Moulding

Duration: 2 weeks

About Project

The client engaged our services during their pursuit of acquiring their inaugural property. Subsequently, she expressed interest in obtaining an online estimate and furnishing us with pertinent documents, including floor plans and images of the property in question. Promptly, we responded with a detailed estimate tailored to their requirements. Following our correspondence, the client extended an invitation for us to provide a formal quotation and conduct a survey post-receipt of the property keys.

Initial observations indicated that while the property was structurally sound, it lacked alignment with the client’s aesthetic preferences. It demanded cosmetic enhancements, such as fresh coats of paint and decorative alterations to better suit their style. These modifications were integral to personalising the space and ensuring it aligns with the client’s vision.

Client’s Directives

The client had provided specific directives regarding the desired alterations to the property. Firstly, concerning the bathroom, she expressed a desire to transition from its existing golden hue with glitter accents to a warmer and notably brighter tone, all while adhering to budget constraints.

In regards to the kitchen and dining areas, she sought a comprehensive refreshment extending from the ceiling down to the skirting boards. Emphasising the importance of brightness in the dining area due to limited natural light, the client advocated for a brighter colour scheme to alleviate the darkness.

Additionally, she underscored the need for durability in the selected paint due to the anticipated high traffic in this pivotal area of the residence. The client was keen on implementing a quick and efficient approach to achieving the desired transformation.

Our Execution

In response to the client’s directive for a swift and cost-effective transformation of the bathroom, our team opted for the application of wallpaper to rejuvenate the interior aesthetic. This strategic choice facilitated a rapid turnaround. Leveraging the expertise of our seasoned decorators, who boast years of industry experience, we adeptly navigated challenges posed by obstacles, such as radiators and curved surfaces.

For the kitchen and dining areas, we chose F & B All White Matt finish for both walls and ceilings. This choice aligned with the client’s preference for a brighter colour scheme and provided a modern, sophisticated look to the space. F&B’s emulsion was selected to ensure longevity and easy upkeep, particularly in high-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms. This premium finish offers washable properties and protection against mould, making it an ideal choice for the client’s needs.

In addition to the paint selection, we undertook a project to enhance the visual appeal of the kitchen and dining areas by incorporating decorative moulding, especially dado rails. This simple yet impactful addition served to elevate the overall aesthetic and added a touch of architectural interest to the space.

The client’s satisfaction with the craftsmanship and professionalism demonstrated by our team underscored the success of the project. By combining high-quality materials with skilled artistry, we not only fulfilled the client’s aesthetic preferences but also enhanced the functionality and visual appeal of the kitchen and dining areas.

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