Paddington, London W2

Scope: Exterior Porch, Masonry & Pillar Restoration

Duration: 2 Weeks

Property Type: Grade II Listed Building

About Project

In April 2023, we received correspondence from Oxford and London Building Company, a distinguished construction firm renowned for its expertise in high-end property renovations. At the time of contact, they were nearing the conclusion of a meticulous renovation project involving a prestigious 4-bedroom property in Paddington. Seeking experts proficient in the restoration and decoration of Grade II listed structures, they identified our firm as an ideal partner. Our extensive background in the restoration of listed buildings and luxury properties positioned us as a perfect match for this endeavour.

Client’s briefing for the project?

The client emphasised the preservation of the building’s original features as a top priority. They mandated a rigorous timeline of two weeks for the project completion, with an uncompromising commitment to maintaining high-quality standards throughout. Specific directives included the protection of newly installed windows and doors, meticulous sanding to address cracking and peeling paint, and the repair of damaged pillars and stucco. Additionally, the restoration of a deteriorated porch and trims was outlined as essential to the project’s scope.

Challenges – It is a Grade II* Listed Building

Grade II* buildings hold a distinguished status, representing structures of significant historical and architectural importance. Preservation directives from the conservation office are stringent, emphasising the imperative to safeguard these revered landmarks. Our foremost challenge was adhering to the mandate against altering original features, necessitating a delicate balance between restoration and preservation.  

Despite this formidable constraint, our team’s adept craftsmanship and unwavering resolve prevailed. It resulted in the successful restoration of the long-neglected porch, pillars, and stucco, upholding the integrity of the building’s historical character.

Further complicated matter was the ambitious two-week timeline set for project completion. This deadline posed a formidable hurdle given the extensive scope of work, along with the intricate regulatory considerations and necessary modifications. However, our seasoned team of decorators rose to the challenge, committing themselves to an intensive seven-day work schedule. Their unwavering dedication ensured that despite the pressing time constraints, the project was delivered with uncompromising quality and attention to detail.

Extreme weather, predominantly rainy throughout the project duration, added an additional layer of complexity. Nevertheless, our team remained steadfast, braving adverse conditions to ensure continuity of work whenever feasible. This resilience underscored our obligation to fulfil our client’s expectations, regardless of external challenges.

Our Execution

Our project execution was marked by a blend of expertise and meticulous attention to detail, resulting in a successful outcome that exceeded the client’s expectations. It commenced with a thorough consultation process, wherein we diligently assessed and comprehended the unique requirements of our client. After discussing our plan with them, we turned our attention to strategic implementation.

A pivotal aspect of our approach was the procurement and utilisation of premium-grade materials tailored to specific surfaces of Grade II* buildings, ensuring not only longevity but also durability. This strategic investment in quality materials underscored our assurance of delivering enduring results.

The preparatory phase, characterised by meticulous restoration work, demanded unparalleled patience and precision from our highly skilled team. This critical stage formed the cornerstone of the project, laying the groundwork for the subsequent phases.

Finally, the painting phase, while comparatively straightforward, served as the culminating touch to enhance the overall aesthetic of the renovated space. However, it was the comprehensive groundwork and restoration efforts that truly set the stage for the project’s success, reflecting our excellence at every stage of the process.

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