Regent Park

Regent Park, London, NW1

Scope: Whole 3-Bedroom House Restoration, Painting & Decorating

Duration: 1 Month

Size: 600m2

Specific Consideration: Grade II* Listed Building

About the Project

In 2018, we effectively concluded a project for one of our esteemed clients. In 2022, she engaged in our services again, seeking assistance in purchasing another property within Regent Park. The property in question was a substantial Grade II* listed residence, exhibiting commendable condition. However, it required extensive renovation to align with the contemporary familial requirements. Such refurbishment endeavours demand a discerning application of skilled craftsmanship.  

Client’s Briefing for the Project

The client’s directive was to design a contemporary space, coupled with warmth and illumination. Specifically, she mentioned a preference for replacing the Swirl sand textured wall with a sleek, smooth finish. Her utmost emphasis was on the exterior doors and windows, which were exhibiting signs of deterioration due to neglect.

Challenges in Listed Buildings’ Restoration

The Grade II* buildings are a distinguished class of architectural treasures, subject to severe preservation commands established by the conservation office. Our principal hurdle resided in adhering to these preservation guidelines, particularly the imperative to retain all original features intact.

Structural challenges are among the most common ones in Grade II* listed buildings. Their structural systems, despite their archaeological significance, rarely meet the current safety standards and require careful reinforcements accordingly.

Another significant challenge was selecting and procuring the material that offers endurance and complements the building’s era and architecture. We understood that it would demand massive effort to source such materials within the project’s deadline.

Restoring a Grade II* listed building also demands loads of planning, utmost intricacy and meticulous attention to detail as one wrong move can affect the insurance of the building.

Our Execution

Our team carried out a detailed consultation with the client to understand her preferences and guided her through the possible solutions. We planned every step of the way, working on strategies, materials, and timelines. Once the client approved the materials, our teams got to work immediately. We deployed our most experienced restoration team to achieve the highest quality finish.

Our painters initiated their preliminary tasks immediately as we commenced the material procurement to optimise our time utilisation. They successfully executed the necessary repairs to ensure a superior bond between the paint and the surface. After that, the paint was applied to the walls to achieve the desired look of the house.

As for the doors and windows, the work was somewhat more delicate. They demanded a careful and masterful approach to restore their glorious look. Some of their components were beyond repairable and required replacement. Our craftsmen designed accurate replacements to ensure their seamless integration into the structure. Finally, doors and windows were painted to regain their original look.

The project’s constraints were compounded by the property’s size and the alterations needed within a limited time of one month. Nonetheless, our decorators laboured tirelessly, committing to seven-day work weeks to ensure adherence to the highest standards of excellence. Ultimately, we surpassed the constraints of time and delivered the highest-quality project.

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