Royal Tunbridge Wells

Royal Tunbridge Wells

Scope: 5-bedroom House Painting & Decorating

Duration: 1 Month

Size: 700 m2

About the Project

In 2022, our services were enlisted through a client referral to undertake the redecoration of an exquisite 5-bedroom residence nestled in the picturesque locale of Royal Tunbridge Wells. Characterised by generously proportioned bedrooms and living spaces, the property boasted a fair overall condition, although punctuated by minor fissures and signs of wear and tear necessitating attention. Our mandate encompassed comprehensive remedial work to address these imperfections alongside a holistic refreshment initiative aimed at rejuvenating the entirety of the premises.

Client’s Briefing

Our client expressed a firm commitment to attaining the pinnacle of refinement in their residence’s redecoration endeavour. He emphasised a preference for premium-grade paint and an exact application of the warm, inviting hue embellishing the walls and ceilings. Concurrently, they sought a departure from the existing light oak finish adorning the door frames and skirting boards, opting instead for a deeper, richer tone to impart a sense of sophistication.

Of paramount importance to our client was the preservation of their flooring, carpeting, and furnishing, necessitating meticulous protective measures to safeguard these elements throughout the project duration.

How Did We Carry Out the Process?

Preparatory and Protective Measures

To safeguard the carpeting during our project, we opted for the Roll & Stroll Protector Carpet by Everbuild. It offers a straightforward application process and serves as a vital defence against potential damage from paint splatters, spills, and debris accumulation during decorating or construction activities. Remarkably, its complete waterproofing capability ensures that carpets remain dry and free from unsightly stains. This feature underscores its effectiveness in preserving the integrity and appearance of carpeted surfaces, contributing to a professional finish.

For furniture protection, we employed the Prodec Advance Super Cling Dust Sheet. It offers exceptional protection against overspray, sand, dust, and other potential sources of mess. Its innovative design ensures a secure cling to surfaces, effectively shielding them from unwanted debris and guaranteeing a clean environment.

We utilised the Poly Backed Cotton Dust Sheet for surfaces, such as floors or delicate materials, requiring additional protection. This dust sheet provides an added barrier against paint splashes, preventing them from seeping through onto the underlying surface. Moreover, its cotton construction offers protection against dust and dirt accumulation, maintaining cleanliness.

Prior to commencing any preparation work, the majority of the furniture located on the ground floor was carefully relocated to storage, ensuring unimpeded access and protection of these items during the painting and decorating process.

Subsequently, meticulous attention was devoted to thoroughly cleaning all surfaces in preparation for the project’s initiation. Upon completion of the painting and renovation tasks, the furniture was reinstated to its original placement with utmost care and precision. The comprehensive efforts undertaken resulted in a flawlessly maintained environment devoid of any undesirable paint splashes on the floor or furnishings.

Project’s Execution

In order to meet the specifications for colour consistency, we elected to procure a custom paint blend at the Delux Decorator Centre. Our selection was the Delux Trade Diamond Matt Finish, chosen for its superior attributes. This emulsion boasts exceptional durability and cleanliness, featuring a smooth, uniform matte texture that is ideal for high-traffic areas.

Notably, its innovative stain-repellent technology effectively prevents strains from adhering to surfaces, facilitating easier cleaning and maintenance. The product’s high scrub resistance ensures long-lasting performance, complemented by excellent opacity and coverage for seamless application. Moreover, its 99.9% VOC-free content minimises its impact on indoor air quality, aligning with environmentally conscious practices.

Upon surpassing the client’s preference to darken the tone of the pine door frame and skirting board, we proposed the utilisation of LittleFair’s Water Based Wood Dye in the shade of English Oak, which received approval from our client. This product offers a distinctive formulation designed to deeply penetrate wood surfaces, thereby imparting a visually appealing aged effect. Suitable for various timber applications, including furniture, doors, skirting boards, architraves, and moulding, it delivers an authentic hardwood colouration.

Our team of highly skilled painters and decorators exhibited exemplary patience and attention to detail throughout the entirety of the preparation and decorating phases. By prioritising thorough preparation and adhering to meticulous procedures, we facilitated a seamless project progression from inception to conclusion. As a result of our steadfast dedication to excellence, we successfully surpassed the customer’s expectations, achieving an outcome that met and exceeded their envisioned standards.

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