7 Vital Tips for Painting in Winters-By Painters and Decorators Central London

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Painting and decorating is a challenging task, especially when it is done during winter. Winters in London are synonymous with freezing cold and poor weather conditions. These factors make painting and decorating extremely difficult. But the good news is, it is not an impossible task. You just, have to be a little cautious to achieve the best possible results if you decide to get your property painted in winters.

In this blog, we are sharing some tried and tested tips by professional painters and decorators in West London that will make your painting task easier in winter. Continue reading to know more about potential difficulties that can arise and how can you deal with them.

Effect of Temperature on Paint

Before you start painting, consider if the temperature drop will affect the application of the paint. You can run some research to know the drying time of different paints. For example:

  • Alkalyd paints that contain a base of natural oils, and resins turn thick at lower temperatures. Therefore you must apply thinners.
  • On the other hand, latex paints freeze easily at low temperatures. So painters and decorators use special additives to avoid their melting.

Give ample time for re-coating

It is a well-known fact that a perfect paint job requires multiple coats. Different varieties of paint need different amounts of time to dry before you can recoat them after initial coating. It should be known that even slight temperature drops can affect drying time greatly. The greater the drop, more is the time takes by paint to dry. At standard room temperature which is 24 degrees Celsius, a common latex paint requires 4 hours to dry before you apply another coat of paint on it. Therefore, please make sure to plan the entire operation with a professional painter and decorator in Ealing before you start painting and decorating jobs in winter.

Choosing paints and painting tools

The paint industry is continuously evolving. Now we have the paints that perform well in chilly winters. The painting products are now compatible with low temperatures, therefore there are fewer hassles while painting at low temperatures.

You also need special painting tools to work in chilly weather. It must be noted that the paint gets thicker at lower temperatures. Therefore you will need brushes and rollers that can handle thick paint. Brushes that are made of stiff nylon and polyester can prove to be very handy and effective.

Check the Expiry Date of the paint

Almost all paints used in painting and decorating jobs have an expiry date. Before applying paint make sure that the paint is usable. The paints that have crossed the expiry date form lumps on application and hence should be thrown away. Experienced painters and decorators in West London always use fresh paints to get the painting job done.

Harmony with Nature

Nature is too powerful and it is beyond our control. So it is best to get in harmony with it. If you decide to get the painting job done in winter, make sure you check the weather forecast and choose days that are warmer than usual. Try to carry out the painting job during days that are most likely to have sunshine.

You’ll find your task much easier and hassle-free if you can stay above a certain temperature for a few days. Plan your painting job accordingly. You should remember that the hottest part of the day in London is between 10 am and 2 pm. Try to finish your painting job within this timeframe.

Do Not Rush the Process

Last but not least, make sure you do not rush the process. Painting in winter can be slow due to the cold and limited sunlight available. But that is perfectly fine. Take your time and enjoy the experience. Allow the work to proceed organically and keep some patience. The patience you will put into the painting job will deliver you excellent results.

One Bonus Tip for our readers

If you decide to get a painting and decorating job done in winter, please take the help of skilled painters and decorators in Central London. They have the skill to work in all types of weather. At Platinum Paints, we have completed numerous painting and decorating jobs in winners and have delivered excellent results to our clients in London. So bundle up, grab your phone right now, and let us create a perfect and beautiful home for you this winter.

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