Finding a Painter and Decorator Near Me: What is the Difference Between Both? 

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If you’re searching online for a “painter and decorator near me,” you’ve likely been left confused. The question is, what is the difference between these two jobs?

For those still searching for a “painter and decorator near me” this blog is for you. We’ll explore what each of these terms means so that when it comes to finding your local professional painters and decorators near you, you’ll know exactly what to look for. 

Who is a Painter?

Those of you who have searched for “painter and decorator near me” have likely found plenty of painters available first. A painter is someone who paints surfaces for both residential and commercial properties.

In addition, they may work with other contractors who do other tasks, such as carpentry, plastering, and tiling, many of whom you might find among other listings in your search results.

However, despite what the results might say, painters only focus on painting. They are skilled in applying smooth, consistent coats of paint. They may help you paint one room, the entire home, or even the exterior of your home, too. So, keep this in mind as you continue your search.

What Do Painters Do?

Painters are skilled tradespeople who can paint a wall, ceiling, or another surface. They can also paint furniture, doors, and windowsills. So if you’re looking for someone to do interior or exterior painting, it’s best to find a painter while you conduct your “painter and decorator near me” search online.

As you may have discovered in your search, painters may also help you with providing a colour consultation. These are often skilled painters who know their colours and paints, so they are the best people to consult when selecting the colour for your home. So, if you’re looking for excellent colour assistance, amend your search to find just painters.

Who is a Decorator?

Like a painter, a decorator can help you choose the right paint colour for your home, but they also help with much more. They’re skilled in interior design and have a good eye for objects that will work well together.

Decorators will also be able to advise you on how to get the best out of your existing furniture and accessories by choosing colours which complement them rather than clash with them, which may seem obvious but can be challenging. In the midst of your “painter and decorator near me” search, you may have discovered that decorators do plenty more than just recommend colour for your space.

Decorators are skilled in selecting paint, wallpaper, fabric, flooring, and other elements of your space to ensure you achieve your desired aesthetic. They will help you with the holistic design of your room or even your entire home. So, if you’re looking for a great interior designer, make sure to sift carefully through your search to find the best choice for your aesthetic vision.

What Does a Decorator Do? 

As you may have discovered in your search, a decorator is a person who specialises in interior design. They are skilled in colour matching and colour theory, furniture arrangement and placement, wall art and wall decor, and window treatment. In addition, they can provide consultations and design plans and help you coordinate with other contractors as your project manager.

A decorator might offer other services, such as helping with a wallpaper hanging or removal if required, but their main focus is on colour schemes, so it’s best to only expect a little from them when it comes to painting itself. So, as you sift through the search results, be sure to keep this in mind.

Whom Between a Painter and Decorator Should I Hire? 

When it comes to your painting project, finding the perfect person for the job can be challenging. So, on your search engine if you are searching for a “painter and decorator near me”, know that a painter will be best for solely painting projects, while a decorator might be the best choice for your interior design needs. 

Hire Your Painters and Decorators Today 

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