Painters and Decorators London: The Art of Selecting an Ideal Paint Shade

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Is it time for your home to get another lick of paint? Some people just love decorating their homes, while others find themselves a bit lost at where to start. As well as the paint finish, the colour of your walls also plays an extremely important role in painting and decorating job. Many design statements are made solely via the paint colour you choose. Choosing the right paint colour can be tricky with such abundant options present. So here is a guide by painters and decorators London to make your life a bit easier.

Painters and Decorators London: How to choose the right paint for your home? 

Consider the size of your room.

When choosing a perfect paint colour for your home, you must consider the size of your room. The wrong colour on the wall can make a room look very small and lifeless. If you have a small room, you should go for light-coloured paint. You can go for different shades of whites, light blues, or neutral paints are just magic. On the other hand, if you have a large room, you can choose earthy colours like navy and forest green. Remember this pro tip by an expert painter and decorator London.

Use your furniture as your inspiration.

To make sure that your room complements well with your walls, try to match your paint colour with your furniture. Take the help of a colour wheel to find out which paint colour would complement the rest of the items of your furniture. Your walls do not even need to be the same shade as your furniture. Painters and Decorators London suggests that the colour you choose for your walls should work together in harmony with your furniture. It will elevate your room to the next level. Believe us!!

Decide the ambience of the room.

You know a paint colour can change the entire ambience of the room. If you like a serene look in your room, there is a paint colour for that. Painting your walls in light or dark shades can change the entire mood of the room. A dark accent wall can add personality to the room, while a light shade can set a calming atmosphere. Depending on the fact how you want to feel in your room, take the help of a painter and decorator in Fulham to decide on the perfect colour shade for your space.

Take your time

Painters and decorators London suggest taking time while deciding on a paint colour. Painting and decorating jobs are done once in a while, so you must take every decision carefully, and above all, the decision should be right. Spend time collecting paint samples and test them in your home. Test the colours in different lighting, to get an idea of how colour will work in your space. Experiment with different colours to decide which particular colour can bring you the look and feel you want to achieve in your room.

Create a cohesive colour scheme.

If you are redecorating one room, it could be a good idea to create a cohesive colour scheme with the rest of your home. Incorporating paint shades with the same tones as those in the rest of your house can give an impression that your property is very well designed by expert painters and decorators in London. Experts recommend that you do not have to use the same colour in your entire home; instead, just pay attention to the undertones and shades, and your space will become very impressive.

Test the paint colours at home.

Test the paint colours you have chosen in your home to make sure that they are right for your space. Painters and decorators Fulham have one pro tip for all the people who are on the hunt to find the perfect colour shade for their space. You can paint the colours on a piece of poster board and stick them on the wall. You can then visualise how the colour will look in different lights, and this practice will also give you an opportunity to compare different colours and analyse how these colours will work in different rooms.

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