Design a small living space with Painters and Decorators in Central London


It is a dream of many to live in big houses that have massive rooms. However, the actual truth is that many of us are not able to fulfil the dream of having a massive house. 

But there is nothing to worry about. You can make small places stand out. It is when you start thinking about painting and decorating to create a greater sense of space in your small homes or apartments. 

Though the room size may be perfect for you and your belongings, that does not mean that you will want to make the room feel more confining. If you are planning, painting and decorating for your small living space, read this blog for professional tips from painters and decorators in Central London

Painters and Decorators Central London: Professional Tips to Paint Small Spaces

Nature is your friend

One of the best ways to decorate small spaces is to bring nature inside. The idea is to create a natural flow into the outside world. Before you bring painters and decorators in, this can help to make your room feel more spacious. 

The easiest way is to bring some small and large house plants. It is a common trend to have plants inside these days. They bring a calming effect to the space and, hence, are in trend these days. To match the theme, you can paint your walls with natural-toned colours like deep green and yellow. Why not take expert advice from painters and decorators in Hammersmith? 

Use Mirrors to create Illusions.

Most painters and decorators in Central London suggest using mirrors to create an illusion of largeness in a room. For example, when you place a mirror near a window, it will give the impression that it extends further into the room. 

Besides creating an idea of largeness, mirrors reflect light extremely well. Especially if you have a dark room, having one or more mirrors will help to reflect light to all the spaces. This mirror technique works wonders for small spaces. Believe us when we say this!!

Create Symmetry: It promotes balance.

Symmetry is best when you want to optimise any space. The idea behind symmetry is that it is very calming to see an organised space where all the things in the room are at a specific pre-decided space. Any painter and decorator in Mayfair will say the same. 

To create symmetry in your small living space, you must decide what is the focal point of your room! It could be a coffee table, a plant or any piece of art. Whatever you like. 

Once you decide on the focal point, place the surrounding furniture parallel to or diagonal to one other. Remember you are trying to create a balanced look, so avoid placing too many objects on just one side of the room. Residential painting is not just about splashing colours. There is so much more to it!! Trust us!

Try Vertical Stripes

Expert painters and decorators in Westminster will suggest that vertical stripes are a must for small rooms. These stripes give the impression that the room is tall and thin. 

When you paint your walls with stripes of two or more colours, it will automatically make the room ceiling look higher and thus give a bigger feel to it. To get more insights on this, you can always take advice from expert painters and decorators in Central London. 

Create a balance between light and colour.

Choosing the right colour depends on the lighting in your small room. Painters and decorators in Central London suggest that dark rooms need not be painted in dark colours. 

Dark colours are not the enemy, but when you decide to go with a dark colour, then consider how you can add lighting to your room to maintain a light feel. To find more on this, consider proper lighting schemes suggested by professional painting companies in central London. 

Consider adding some extra light fixtures or lamps. Mirrors around the room will reflect whatever light is present in the room. Adding proper lighting can make your room look wonderful!!

How can expert painters and decorators in Central London help? 

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