Expert Tips for DIY Exterior Painting Success

Are you planning to give your home a stunning makeover or planning to paint some new designs? This blog will help you make your exterior painting a success. Painting is a daunting task, but you can do it smoothly with the right technique and proper instruction. Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint or just refreshing an old one, you should know what to do and what not to do for a flawless application. You can also hire experienced professionals to paint, as they have the proper equipment and experience to paint the exterior of your house without any hassle. Are you looking for a reliable and trusted painting and decorating contractor for your home or office? Connect with Platinum Painters, and we will paint and decorate your house for you. Call us on 074 815 57135 or send us your queries by email at, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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We are adept at creating decorative looks in various styles, from modern and contemporary to vintage, farmhouse to loft-style. We send our fully qualified residential painters and decorators over for a consultation with a series of quotes to suit all your needs. Contact us today! GET FREE AND TRANSPARENT QUOTE Nothing can give you a flawless finish like professional, but here are some tips for DIY Exterior Painting:

Prepare the surface

Proper preparation is required for a smooth painting surface and enhances the longevity of the paint job. Cleaning the surface removes dirt and debris; after cleaning, you need to sand the rough areas and create a uniform canvas for painting. Proper preparation allows the paint to stick to the surface properly, and there is no premature flaking.

Choose the right paint

Selecting high-quality paint enhances the appeal of your home and keeps it for a longer period of time. The paint should be suitable for your surface type and the weather conditions of your area. Good quality paint protects your house from moisture, UV rays and temperature. High-quality paint may come across as expensive compared to standard paint, but it is an investment for your home.

Test the paint and colours

Before you buy a complete paint box of any colour, always test the colour on a small area first. This allows you to analyse the appearance of colour in different lighting and colour co-ordination with other elements of your house. If you don’t like the colour scheme, you can always change it before making the final purchase.

 Protect the surrounding area

After selecting the colour, it’s time to choose the desired area for preparation and first coat. If possible, clear out the things around the painting area but in case you cannot move them out, it is always good to cover them up. Plants, windows, pictures and other surrounding areas and surfaces. You can use drop cloths, masking tape and cellophane to protect from accidental paint splatters and drip.

Right Tools and Equipment

Ensure that not only the paint but also the tools are of high quality. The brushes, rollers, and even spray paint should be good quality for even and professional-looking results. Buy tools and equipment from a good brand as they will give you smooth coverage and minimum brush marks, and they can paint various types of surfaces


Once you have selected the colour, prepared the wall and bought brushes, it is time to prime the wall. This is the first step of painting and works as a strong base for sealing the pores and giving uniform coverage. Choose the primer based on your material and paint type. Primer creates a long-lasting paint adhesion and a flawless finish.

Suitable Weather

Since you are painting exteriors, so before you start with painting, check the weather forecast as well. The best weather for painting is mild temperature and low humidity, whereas extreme heat or cold weather prevents pain from drying properly. Suitable weather lets the paint minimise the risk of paint defects and prevents it from cracking

Painting Technique

Painting technique and finishing depends upon your painting skills. An easy way of painting is by starting from the top and working your way down in small sections. Try to cover the complete area in sections and ensure minimum brush and roller marks.

Drying time

While painting, it is essential that you give adequate time to each layer to dry down before you paint on another coat. This gap and proper drying ensure that the paint is durable and has a clear finish. You should also follow the manufacturer’s instructions, especially for your kind of paint, for good results.


These steps will help you create a flawless and fresh exterior look for your house. These DIY tips will give your home an appealing look, and with the right material and proper painting techniques, you can modify your house. Take your time and paint it.

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