Best Colours for Painting Exterior Spaces

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When it comes to painting your exterior spaces, it’s essential to choose the right colours. It’s true that only some colours will look fantastic on your home, and often, the house’s colour can be dictated by where you live and the seasonal challenges you might encounter.

This article will examine the best colours for painting your exterior spaces and why they are popular. Knowing the best colours will help you talk to your exterior painter about the best solutions for your home, whether it be a new paint job on a new construction project or even a touch-up on a previous home that needs exterior painting redone. 

Let’s talk about the top five best exterior painting colours.

Neutral Beiges and Browns

One of the best colours homes are often painted in today includes neutral beige or a neutral brown. While this might seem a little bit bland, think about the protection it would provide your home and the appearance it would give to your property. 

These colours are often overlooked but can be fantastic colours that last a long time and hold their quality. 

Naval Blues

Navy blue is one of the most sought-after colours for exterior spaces because of its look, appeal, and, often, how it matches beautifully with any exterior landscaping or design on the property. Navy blue is an excellent choice because it offers a different colour scheme than a more neutral brown or beige, but it also is one of the easiest to maintain over time. 

Muted Greens

Many people today see homes painted in olive colours or other muted greens, which is another excellent choice for exterior painters. These colours might seem an odd choice, but when paired with different features like the trim on the door, or the windows, they can add a beautiful colour scheme to the home and make it look much more appealing on the street.

This colour can also hide certain blemishes in exterior paint before you get it repainted.

Light Pastel Colours

The next colour often seen is light pastel. There are a variety of pastel colours that you can choose from, and these are often sought after because they offer a unique colour scheme and one that is more subtle to the eyes.

These lighter colours might need more maintenance because they are not as dark, so they might show marks from age over time. However, these are still beautiful for many homes and their exterior design.

Classic White

You can’t go wrong when you choose a classic white exterior for your home. These are some of the most popular choices for exterior painters and their clients. Exterior painters often choose a classic white not because of how easy it is to pair with many different features in the home.

Whether you have blue trim, a darker door, or even unique landscaping features, the white exterior compares perfectly with any of these additions to your home.

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