Can Exterior Painting Be Done in Winter? 

It’s winter, so you’re probably thinking about how best to take on the challenge of painting your exterior walls. Of course, you know it will be cold and wet, but you also know that it’s essential to get the job done before the weather warms up again. Here’s what you need to know if you want to hire professional exterior painters instead of tackling this project yourself. 

You Can Paint Exteriors in the Winter 

So many people believe that painting their outside walls cannot be done in the winter, but it can. However, many people avoid this task because of the challenges of working around the weather. One of the most significant issues is the unpredictable weather and the difficulties of freezing temperatures. 

The Biggest Challenge of Exterior Painting in Winter 

One of the biggest challenges is the freezing temperatures, which can prolong the paint’s drying. To paint a building, the weather must be warm enough for the colour to dry. This is because paints used for outside walls are oil-based and require sunlight to cure. 

When it comes to painting projects like this, you need to ensure that the temperature range is between 5 and 10 degrees Celsius. If it’s too cold, it could take longer for your paint job to dry and might even peel or blister. If you are a novice painter, hiring exterior painters who know what they are doing with your project is essential. 

Why Should I Hire Exterior Painters? 

There are several reasons why hiring professionals are the best option for winter paint jobs. Not only do they understand the process of exterior painting, but they also have the experience to complete your winter paint project quickly and professionally. In some cases, it will even be cheaper for you. 

Here are some reasons you should consider working with exterior painters instead of doing this project yourself this year. 

They are experienced painters

The professionals understand how the weather affects paint jobs and have the necessary equipment for working outside at any temperature. They also know when it’s safe to start painting and when it’s time to stop for the day because of dangerous conditions like rain or snow. They will also know how to protect your paint job adequately so it remains perfect, polished, and ready for the warmer months. 

They ensure the job is done right 

Even if you are tempted to do the job yourself, winter is the most challenging time to paint, so it is vital to consult professionals. They have experience with all kinds of surfaces like stucco. So, they can help guide you through any prep work needed for your home’s exterior painting if necessary. This includes cleaning up the old paint and removing items like wood trim around windows, so they don’t get damaged during construction. In addition, they will ensure that your paint job is done correctly, professionally, and without any mistakes. 

Hire Your Exterior Painters and Decorators Today 

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