Painters and Decorators London: Tips to Enhance the Value of Your London Homes for the Coming Year

It is 2023, and we are always here to encourage you to change with the changing trends. This is the year to make better choices and encourage all the passionate people in London to do something beneficial. Are you looking to start by paying attention to your home and adding value? Our painters and decorators in London are here to share some quick and simple tips to create a significant impact. This comprehensive guide will delve into various ways you can add value to your home through painting and decorating. 

A Fresh Lick of Paint by Painters and Decorators London

Let us start with the basics. It is more likely that your home in London needs a fresh layer of paint to give that high-quality finish and tremendous improvement. When was the last time you painted your home? Please search for the best colour and use it to paint your exteriors and interiors. Also, make sure to use the best painting and decorating tools. 

We always recommend you take the services of professional painters and decorators in  West London to ease your job because, with their help, the entire process will be stress-free. If you want a fresh start to the coming year, please don’t start your new year with stained walls. 2024 is just around the corner; get your house painted now!

Go For Lighter Shades

Our painters and decorators love experimenting with colour schemes and adding character to homes in London. But a lighter shade can do the trick when you want to add value to your homes in London. 

Off-white and neutral shades like beige and taupe will allow buyers and visitors to envision their colours by furnishing and adding artwork. You can use numerous colours to experiment with decorating in the coming year. 

Pay Attention to your Windows

When painting and decorating your home, make sure that you keep in mind essential factors and architectural features. There is no doubt that windows are the doors to the outdoors, and they will always be crucial because we subconsciously focus on them when we are exposed to natural light.

When replacing your windows, you should ensure they are properly balanced and have equal sightlines. You can increase the value of your London home by installing double glazing. An easy way to update your home and give it a more contemporary feel is to paint the walls a new colour or highlight the trim for a pop of colour. Painters and decorators in Fulham from our company offer our clients window painting and decorating services in their commercial, apartments, homes, or heritage properties.

kitchen painting

Kitchen Makeover with Painters and Decorators West London

Now focus on particular rooms of your home; if any room needs good painting and decorating renovation, that will definitely be the kitchen. As rightfully stated, a kitchen is generally the heart of the home because it is a space where you eat, socialize, and even stay when you need a quiet area. 

Small and effortless changes like painting unit doors, cabinets, and walls can increase the value of your home. You can use contrast paints with the tiles to significantly impact your London home value. 

Prioritize High-Quality Paint

It is extremely essential to invest in high-quality paint. Not only does it provide better coverage, but it also has a more polished appearance. You can do extra expenses on the brands known for their longevity and durability. Remember that the paint’s longevity can influence your home’s perceived value. 

Pay Attention to Curb Appeal

First impressions always matter, so remember to paint the home’s exterior. A well-painted front door, clean and well-maintained garden, and manicured lawn can significantly impact your property’s curb appeal. If you plan to give your home a fresh look this coming year, use a fresh coat of paint to revive your exterior, making it inviting and memorable to visitors and potential buyers. 

An exterior makeover can implicate any of the following:

  •  Repainting doors and windows
  •  Repainting the walls with exterior masonry paint
  •  Painting bricks
  •  Renovating and repairing cracked or damaged cladding
  •  And much more…

spa theme bathroom

Revamp the Bathroom

Like the kitchen, the bathroom also plays a pivotal role in increasing the value of your home in London. An outdated bathroom can turn off potential buyers and reduce the value of your home significantly. With the help of seasoned painters and decorators in Hammersmith, repaint the bathroom wall in spa-like colors and consider refinishing the cabinets or vanity units. Update the fixtures and lighting, as they also make a difference. 

Accentuate Architectural Features

Paint and decor can highlight your home’s unique architectural features. Wainscoting, crown moulding, and exposed beams add character. You can raise the overall appeal of your home by painting them a contrasting colour or giving them a fresh coat of paint.

colour pallet

Create Visual Flow

Keep visual flow in mind when painting and decorating. Keep your colour palette consistent from room to room. Doing so gives the home a more spacious, well-designed feel.

Maximize Natural Light

It’s all about lighting when it comes to ambience and space perception. The lighter the paint, the more natural light will reflect into the room, making it feel brighter and cosier. Additionally, strategically placing mirrors and selecting light-reflective decor can enhance this effect.

Seek Professional Help

Though DIY can be rewarding, hiring professional painters and decorators in Westminster can help you complete intricate painting tasks that yield superior results. Professionals can offer expert advice on colour choices and paint techniques and ensure a polished and cohesive look throughout your home.

Maintenance Matters

Regular home maintenance is the key to preserving the added value even after completing your painting and decorating job. Periodic touch-ups and repairs ensure that potential buyers feel the home is worth the investment. 

In conclusion, painting and decorating are powerful tools for adding value to your home. A well-executed project can transform your living space, making it more appealing, functional, and valuable. Selecting the right colours, choosing high-quality materials, and focusing on key areas like the kitchen and bathroom will help you attract buyers.

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