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Reliable Painters & Decorators in Central London

London is a bustling metropolis that is renowned for its vibrant and multicultural atmosphere. Its streets are a blend of antique & contemporary, where traditional pubs stand alongside the trendiest cocktail bars. From the ancient castles to the towering skyscrapers, London is a city that truly embodies the essence of timelessness.

If you’re looking for skilled painters and decorators in central London, our team is well-equipped and experienced to cater to all types of properties in central London. We take great pride in showcasing the beauty of London and helping to elevate it within the walls of your home or business.

Our commitment to delivering top-quality services tailored to your unique needs and preferences is what sets us apart. Our experienced team of painters and decorators possesses the expertise and tools to handle projects of any size or complexity. We bring our renowned services not only to Central London but also to other areas, including Ealing, Hammersmith, Chiswick, Fulham, Chelsea, and surrounding areas in West London.

Our Painting & Decorating Services In Central London


Residential Painting & Decorating

Our painters and decorators understand the importance of being flexible with your schedule and being respectful of your home. We make sure to keep the noise to a minimum if you're working from home and we're always punctual every morning. Our team clean up before leaving in the afternoon to ensure your space is left spotless. You can count on our team to deliver quality craftsmanship and a smooth process from start to finish.

commercial buiilding

Commercial Painting & Decorating

We understand how crucial it is to maintain uninterrupted operation in your business. That's why our team of painters and decorators in central London prioritizes minimizing disruptions while creating a clean and safe environment to work in. We offer tailored services that cater to the specific needs of your commercial property, be it an office, retail space, or hospitality establishment.

west london

Exterior Painting & Decorating

Our Exterior painters and decorators makes sure that the outside of your property is as good as new, well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing Whether you’ve recently acquired a property and desire to add your personal touch to it or if you’re planning to renovate and sell, a fresh coat of paint can work wonders. Invest in the expertise of skilled exterior painters to guarantee a remarkable transformation.

Our Six Steps Process From Start To Finish

Quick Response

 Once we receive your Inquiry, we will promptly respond to you. Our consultation services can be scheduled as soon as the next day or we can schedule a time that is convenient for you.

Initial Consultation

 At the initial stage, we try to get an in-depth consultation to understand our client’s needs. Our team of painters and decorators works closely with the clients to collaborate and build something that can meet their expectations and remain practically relevant.


 The process of researching different types of paints, materials and it’s purpose can be overwhelming. Our team is here to help, We can provide guidance that will ensure you achieve a perfect finish and long-lasting durability.


We will create a detailed and thorough plan outlining the necessary steps for the project, taking into account your specific requirements and preferences. We will then establish a flexible timeline that accommodates your availability and commitments. Soon, we will purchase the best products, materials, tools, and protective equipment in order to ensure the highest quality of work. 

Preparation & Painting

 Our team starts with covering and protecting floors and furniture with the utmost care and respect to your home or business. To ensure long-lasting durability and superior quality finishes, our dedicated decorators begins preparations by filling, smoothing, masking, priming etc while maintaining clean and safe place to work.

Cleaning & Handover

We want you to fully embrace the renovation and admire the space in its optimal state. With Platinum Paints, your space will be impeccably cleaned, with paint dried and wallpaper expertly finished. We will remove all the waste materials and diligently clean your residential or commercial property, making it ready for display and accessible.

Get Your Home or Commercial Space Transformed in Central London

Get in touch with us to discuss your decorating project. We offer a complimentary quote and consultation for every projects. Contact us now on 074 815 57135 or email us at info@platinumpaints.co.uk to request yours.

Why Choose us?


Painting Decorating Association

Our membership of the Painting and Decorating Association demonstrate that we deliver the highest standards. You can be rest assured that we are fully insured and compliant with all relevant health & safety legislation in the industry.


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Google Reviews

Check out our verified Google Reviews and see what our happy customers have to say about us. Don’t take our word for it, see what our customers say about us.


Checkatrade Registered

We are vetted, proud member of checkatrade and have verified positive reviews from our previous customers. For us, delivering a quality product and customer satisfaction is everything.

Best of Richmond 2024

Industry Oversight

Platinum Paints has been awarded the prestigious title of "Best Painting Contractor" by the Industry Oversight Report in 2024. This recognition places us in the elite group of distinguished winners, and we are proud to be recognized as the top painting contractor in Richmond, London. This achievement underscores our unwavering dedication to providing excellent services and delivering exceptional results to our clients.

What Makes Our Painters & Decorators Different


Consultation and Effective Planning: We begin with a comprehensive initial consultation to understand your requirements and preferences. Our team collaborates closely with you to develop an effective strategic plan that aligns with your vision and goals.

Execution with Expert Guidance: Each member of our staff undergoes thorough training to ensure they can carry out their tasks with precision and excellence. Our experienced professionals provide expert guidance throughout the project, ensuring a seamless execution. We ensure quality services in our execution process.

Pre-Painting Approach : To ensure optimal results, we adopt a pre-painting approach that includes several crucial steps. We dedicate a prep day to prepare the area, create ample space, remove all hardware, address any necessary fixes before painting, and ensure our team is properly attired. We also set up a dedicated workstation for efficient execution.

Respectful Conduct: When you select our services for painting in Central London, rest assured you will receive a high level of professionalism and respect. We highly regard your personal space and will be punctual, mindful of noise, especially if you work from home, and diligently tidy up after ourselves each day.

Meticulous Process: We strive to enhance your space by following a meticulous process and employing highly trained professionals. Our commitment to excellence ensures outstanding results that surpass your expectations.

Satisfied Customers: Our painters and decorators in central London consistently delivers exceptional work that leaves our clients highly satisfied. Don’t just take our word for it – explore our testimonials to see the positive feedback we have received.


Our Services

Platinum Paints is represented by a specialist workforce covering all interior and exterior services for both residential and commercial painting and decorating aspects. The main emphasis in our work is quality. We take immense pride in our work, treating your home as ours. With Platinum Paints, you get premier painting and decorating service and be assured that our work is of the highest standard, ensuring you are delighted with the result and feel the same way for years. That is our guarantee-High quality, with longevity. Contact us today for unrivalled painting and decorating services.

Residential Painter and Decorator in Central London

Our team of painter and decorator is flexible and respectful to your home, weather you are commuting to work or working from home.  We are punctual every morning and clean the mess before leaving in the afternoon. We assure you a quality craftmanship  and smooth process throughout.

Interior Painting & Decorating Services

Platinum Paints is the leading choice for premier painting and decorating services in Central London. We specialize in transforming homes and commercial properties into stunning reflections of personal style. Our team of skilled painters and decorators consistently exceed expectations with our exceptional services.

When it comes to refreshing the look of your property, our interior painting services in Central London are unrivalled. Our professional decorators will guide you in selecting the perfect colour scheme for your space and meticulously attend to each and every detail, from surface preparation to the flawless application of the final coat of paint. With our expertise as painters and decorators in Central London, your property will make an impression.

Our paints and materials are sourced from trusted brands with a reputation for durability and vibrant colours. Our meticulous surface prep techniques, including cleaning, patching, and sanding, ensure a smooth, flawless canvas. We pay attention to every detail, ensuring crisp lines, even coverage, and a professional finish on walls, ceilings, trims, and doors. If you are looking for expert interior house painters in central London and surrounding areas, don’t wait; call us right now.


Exterior Painting & Decorating Services


When it comes to making a good first impression, the exterior of your property speaks volumes. Our team of skilled decorators are here to help rejuvenate the look of your home or business, giving it a fresh and lasting finish that will impress for years to come.

Choosing the right colour for your exterior walls can be a daunting task, with countless options to consider. That’s where we step in. Let us take the stress out of decision-making and guide you towards the perfect shade that will enhance the overall ambiance of your space.

Our comprehensive range of exterior painting services includes stucco and masonry work, front doors, porches, entryways, windows and frames, fences, sheds, decking, and metalwork. Whatever your property needs, we have the expertise and training to get the job done right.

When you choose our painters and decorators in Central London, you can have peace of mind knowing that our team is vetted, experienced, and certified. We encourage you to check our accreditations, further proof of our commitment to providing professional and reliable assistance in transforming your exteriors.

So why wait? Contact our team of painters and decorators today and let us bring new life to your property.


Transfigure Your Commercial Spaces with Painters and Decorators Central London:

Commercial Painting and Decorating Services:

If you’re looking to add a touch of luxury to your commercial property, our services are tailored to meet your needs. Whether it’s a single cabin or an entire space, our experienced painters and decorators possess the expertise and experience required to deliver exceptional results.

Our Commitment to Excellence:

Platinum paints Painter and Decorators Central London, we take immense pride in delivering premium decorating services tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of our clients. Our utmost priority lies in ensuring client satisfaction, and we have maintained this commitment throughout our presence in the industry. We offer highly competitive rates without compromising on quality or attention to detail. Our team consists of skilled professionals with extensive experience who are adaptable to working in any environment. 

Contact us today to discuss your specific situation. Our team is ready to help.


With our commercial painting and decorating services, you will get the following:

Trust our esteemed painter and decorator team for all your painting needs. Contact us today for all commercial painting and decorating services in Paddington.

We also cover Westminster, Mayfair and surrounding areas in Central London.

Commercial Painting and Decorating Services

We understand the significance of maintaining continuous operations for commercial properties. Our team of highly skilled painters and decorators will efficiently renovate your space with minimal disturbance to your business

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